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What are the fruits of telling a lie, stealing or being dishonest?

Questioner: Why do people lie without reason?

Dadashri: They do it because of their anger, pride, deceit and greed. They do it because they want to gain something. They may want respect, money or something else. They may even be afraid or have some hidden fear, and so they lie. People have a subtle fear deep within them, they may think, ‘what will they say to me?’ They gradually get into the habit of lying, to such a point that they will lie even when they do not have fear.


Questioner: Many people lie and steal and despite their dishonesty, live comfortable lives, while those who are honest and forthright seem to have many problems in their lives. So, what should one do? Should a person lie for a little peace, or tell the truth and suffer?

Dadashri: It is this way because all these people are experiencing the consequences of their own deeds from their past lives. Those who lied in their past lives are suffering today. Those who told the truth are also enjoying the fruits of their actions. In telling lies in this life one will face the consequences in the next life. If you tell the truth, it will have its own fruits. In their current lives, people are merely experiencing the fruits of their past actions. Everything that happens is pure justice: Nothing but justice.

A man can take an examination and pass while you fail yours. The person who passed his exam may be wandering around in life today, but when he took that exam he did everything right. So whatever comes your way is the result and fruit of your actions in your past life. To accept and enjoy the fruits as they are, bitter or sweet is the purushaarth or spiritual effort.

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