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Why should one fear the recording of their negative intentions?

The moment you say, 'Looks like the business is going to run a loss,' all the besmearing forces within (bhaavs) will immediately start to daunt you, 'This is going to happen' or 'That is going to happen.' 'Wait a minute, all I did was just mention something about the business, why are you all (negative bhaavs) barking unnecessarily?' Therefore, you should say, 'No, they are beneficial to me,' and thosebhaavs will simmer down.


There are so many electronic recording devices and transmitters out today that people especially in high-ranking positions fear.They fear they may be secretly recorded. Now these electronic devices merely record the spoken words, but the human mind-body complex can also record, an account of new karma, for effect in next life. Yet people have no fear about that! Even when a person is sleeping and you call him worthless, your remarks will be recorded within that person and you will have to face the consequences. So you cannot say a word about a person even when he is sleeping, because everything will be recorded; such is this machinery. If you want to say something, make sure it is positive. Your good intentions (bhaavs) will result in happiness for you. But never say anything negative about anyone, even when alone, because the consequences will be very bitter. Everything gets recorded, so make sure only good things are recorded.

Only the language of love with others is worthy of recording in this tape recorder of the mind body complex. You will reap positive benefits of that later.

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