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Who has suspicions about the existence of the Soul?

Questioner: Shrimad Rajchandraji has written in the Atma siddhi:

Atma ni shanka kare Atma potey aap, Shanka no karnaar tey, acharaj eh amaap.’

The existence of the Soul is suspected by the Soul itself, This is verily a matter of immeasurable amazement.


Who has suspicions about the Soul, is it the Soul or is it the (buddhi) intellect?

Dadashri: Suspicions about the Soul are done by the Soul itself; the intellect is not the one doing the suspecting. By the Soul, ‘we’ mean the Soul that is in your belief or projection and not the main Soul; the two are completely separate. What you call the Atma (Soul), is the Atma that is associated with the intellect and the ego. The ego, the intellect etc., collectively begin to have suspicions about the main Soul. What kind of suspicions do they have? ‘It does not seem like the main Soul. It does not feel like that.’ They have suspicions and uncertainties about what the Soul must be like.

Questioner: So besides the intellect, the Atma is there too, is it associated with the intellect?

Dadashri: What do you or the world currently believe the soul to be? One believes ‘I am Chandulal. The intellect is mine. The ego is mine. I myself am the Soul and I have to make the Soul pure.’ That is what one believes. He does not realize that the main Soul is pure (shuddha) indeed and all other things that have a form are things that have been created. Therefore, the ego is in all this, the intellect is there too and that is what creates suspicions. The intellect (buddhi) alone does not create suspicions; the intellect along with the ego creates suspicions.

That is the one who does the suspecting. “The existence of the Soul is suspected by the Soul (i.e. the charged Soul with ego and intellect) itself.”

One is the Soul and he has suspicions about his own Self. So besides ‘him’, who else would have suspicion? Neither the complex of anger-pride-attachment-greed nor the mind or the intellect does the suspecting. It is the Soul (non-Self realized) that has suspicions about the Soul. It is a wonder it says. It suspects its own self. The ignorance in one has pervaded to such an extent that he begins to suspect his own existence: ‘do I or do I not exist?’ That is what he is trying to say. This is a beautiful quote from Krupadudev but only if one understands it.

Chandulal* =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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