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What is True Love ?

Questioner: Please explain the difference between true love and love associated with attachment.

True Love

Dadashri: The love that goes beyond its natural boundary is love of attachment and attraction. What the world calls love is love of this kind; it is a state of temporary attraction that is subject to repulsion.

This attraction and so-called 'love' is like the attraction between a magnet and a needle. There is no such thing as love in it. The inner force that draws man and woman together is similar to the attraction between a needle and a magnet. Not being aware of this phenomenon, he thinks it is love that is pulling him. True love exists in the heart of a Gnani, the Awakened One.

Pure Love is The Absolute Self. There is no other definition of the Absolute Self. That is the only location where final peace and harmony exists. That is the only place where the heart will rest. The heart will be soothed in two ways: through a woman, and through a Gnani. The woman will make you slip into the worldly life. The Gnani will free you from the worldly life, liberating you forever.

Love that is free from anger, pride, greed, and attachment, love that is beyond the sexual genders, love that remains constant, love that neither decreases nor increases, is called 'pure love'. This is the love of the Gnani. This is where the heart rests.

I am the embodiment of pure love. If you become intoxicated with this love, you will forget the world. Find this love, feel its intoxication, and your world will run smoothly and harmoniously.

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