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What causes final liberation (Moksha)?


Questioner: After the Gnan we experience the flow of love, nothing but love. What is that?

Dadashri: That is real attachment (prashasta raag). The attachment with which all other attachments of the world disappear, is what the Lord calls prashasta raag. This attachment is the primary cause for final liberation. This attachment does not bind you because there are no worldly intentions in it. The attachment you feel towards a benevolent One is real attachment, and it is this attachment that will break all other attachments.

When you meditate on Dada, the attributes of Dada will manifest within you. You should not have desire for any worldly things. Just desire the continued bliss of the Self. And if someone were to insult you, your love for him should remain unaffected. As long as you stay this way, your work is done.

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