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What is the difference between real love and emotions?

Questioner: It is said that real love arises from the heart. Emotions also arise from the heart, do they not?

Love and emotions

Dadashri: No. That is not love. Love is pure. What would happen to the passengers in a train, if the train were to become 'emotional'?

Questioner:There would be a problem. There would be an accident.

Dadashri: People would die. Similarly, when a person becomes emotional, innumerable organisms die within that person's body. He becomes responsible for it. There are many such responsibilities that arise when one becomes emotional in this manner.

Questioner: Without emotion, would a person not become like a rock?

Dadashri: I am 'emotionless'; do I look like a rock? I do not have any 'emotions' at all. One with 'emotions' (above and below normal) becomes 'mechanical' (the non-Self) but one who is 'in motion' (normality) will not become 'mechanical' (remains as the Self).

Questioner: But if a person, who has not attained Self realization, were to be without 'emotions', would he not appear like a rock?

Dadashri: That cannot happen! It can never happen. Otherwise people will become insane. Even the insane are emotional. The whole world is emotional.

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