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What is Godly love? Where to find such love?

Godly Love

This love is Godly love! It is not found everywhere! It is very rare.

The Gnani has equal love for everyone, regardless of his or her physical appearance. He loves the fat and the thin, the black and the white, the physically fit and the disabled. Everywhere his love is constant. He does not look at the external but at the Self within and that is why he has equal love for everyone. Just as in the worldly dealings, people do not look at a person's outer clothes but at his human qualities, the Gnani looks at only the Self and not the physical packing.

Such a love attracts everyone, the learned as well as the illiterate, the young and the old. Such a love accommodates everyone. It even attracts the children who come and sit here and do not want to leave because the atmosphere is so beautiful.

Only the love of the Gnani Purush is worth observing! Today there are some fifty thousand people here, and all feel his love equally. All of them are living with that love.

Questioner: That is very difficult!

Dadashri: But that love has manifest within me. So many people live solely on this love of mine. They are constantly with 'Dada, nothing but Dada'. They are not bothered even if they get nothing to eat. Love is such a thing. Their sins are completely destroyed with this very love. Otherwise how else were they going to wash away their sins in this era of the current time cycle?

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