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What is the definition of love ?

Dadashri: What is the definition of love?

Questioner: I do not know, Dada. Please explain it to me.

Dadashri: I too was looking for the definition of love when I was young! I wondered about the nature of love. People keep talking about love all the time. What could it be? So then I read all kinds of books and scriptures but did not find the definition of love anywhere. I was astonished that no scripture has defined love. It wasn't until I read a book of Kabir that I was satisfied. He is the one who defined love. His definition helped me. It says:

'That which increases one moment and decreases the next, is not love: That which resides in the heart and remains the same, is real love.'

Pure Love

I found this to be a beautiful definition. 'Bravo! Kabir Sahib, I must say!' This is the truest love of all. That, which never increases or decreases, is love.

Questioner: So what is called real love?

Dadashri: Real love never increases or decreases. The Gnani's love is such a love; it does not increase or decrease. I have that kind of love for the whole world. That love is the Absolute Self.

Questioner: Still there must be love somewhere in this world?

Dadashri: There is no love anywhere. There is no such thing as love in this world. It is all infatuations and attractions. You will realize this right away when someone you love says something negative about you.

If your brother returns home today after being away for a long time, you love to be around him all the time. You will eat together and go out with him. But if the next day he tells you that you are behaving like a person without any sense, this would be the end of your love. If you were to say the same thing to a Gnani Purush several times over, he would not be affected. His love for you would remain the same.

Real love is that which does not have any abhorrence behind it. How can it be called love when there is abhorrence associated with it? Love should be unwavering, unchanging.

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