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Who is the real Krishna or Yogeshwar Krishna? What is the real swaroop of Bhagwan Shri Krishna?

Dadashri: No one has really understood Lord Krishna at all. Some have labelled Him ‘the one with a flute’. Some called him ‘the one with the gopis’, etc. Alio, the street vendor sells pictures depicting Lord Krishna; people buy these pictures and worship them. This is nothing but a business! Lord Krishna cannot be like that. He is not what you imagine Him to be. Everyone worships the child Krishna; they put his small idol or picture on a little baby cradle and swing him back and forth. No one worships the Yogeshwar Krishna who had become established in Gnan; knowledge of the Self. Krishna says, “People are wrong. They fast every year on my birthday and the next day they indulge in rich fatty foods. These are my own devotees and yet they contradict me. They make me out to be the one carrying a flute and call me deceitful. They say I used to frolic with the gopis (the cowgirls). They have maligned me so much.”

Shree Krishna

When a person worships and devotes himself to the idol (murta) he remains the idol, the formed non-self complex. When a person worships and devotes himself to the formless (amurta) he attains the formless Self and become liberated. To constantly remain as the Self, is charitra (atma charitra; real conduct). This state of absolute purity (shuddha dasha) is oneness with all (abhedta). In this state, one sees the Self in all (atma vat sarva bhuteshu). That is absolute purity abounding everywhere. The Gnan (Self knowledge), darshan (vision as the Self), charitra (staying as the Self) and the bliss is the real Light (jyoti), not this physical lamp (deevo). The One who is the Knower and the Seer i.e. gnata-drashta is Krishna; not the object that is seen.

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