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How can one become free from the fear of insults?

The rule is: 'No one will insult you when you no longer fear insults'. As long as there is fear, the 'transactions' will keep coming but they will cease when your fear is gone. Keep both, respect and insult in your account. Whatever respect or insult people offer you, credit them to your account. Do not create a new account by reacting to the insults. However large or small the dose of bitterness people serve you, credit it into your account. Decide that you want to credit about a hundred insults a month in your account and the more the insults, the greater the profit. Now if you get seventy instead of hundred, you are in a loss by thirty and therefore you have to credit one hundred and thirty the following month. Those who have a credit of three hundred or so insults to their account will not experience any fear of being insulted. After that there is smooth sailing to the other shore (liberation). So you have to start keeping a record from the first day of the month. Can you do that much or not?


When you bow down to a Gnani Purush by putting your hands together, it means you purify your ego (ahakar) of worldly interactions and when you touch your forehead to the Gnani's toe and do real darshan, you are surrendering your ego at his feet. The benefit you gain is in proportion to the degree of your surrender of your ego.

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