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Why are suspicion, doubt, fear not worth keeping?

Questioner: Now through your grace, finally we feel and are convinced that no suspicions remain.

Dadashri: Yes, no suspicions can remain here. And this world is not worth having any suspicions over. I would not tell you not to have suspicions in my absence if there were any merit in it. On the contrary, I have told you to eat, drink and be merry and I have also told you not to have suspicions because I have seen the suspicion-free world. That is why I am telling you. I have seen a suspicion-free world on the one side and a world with suspicions on the other. Once I show you the direction of the suspicion-free world, there will be no problem.

Can You function without suspicion?

Questioner: We can function very well! But that should (suspicion-free state) occur, should it not?


Dadashri: That will happen. People of India have been destroyed by doubts, suspicion and fear. So I am trying to get rid of the word suspicion from this world. That word is worth getting rid of. There is no ghost worse than that in the world. That is why many people are in misery: misery caused by suspicion.

Why do they have doubts (vahem)? It is not worth having doubts (vahem) of any kind. It is not a problem that helps; it is harmful. It makes worse, whatever bad situation that already exists. And whatever damage is going to occur - there will not be any problems in that. So let go of any doubts. That is what I have been telling you all along and I have helped many get rid of it.

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