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What are the results of positive ego and negative ego?

Three keys to becoming happy

In short, the (wrong belief) of ‘I am *Chandubhai,’ (aropit bhaav) is egoism. Use that egoism positively if you want worldly comforts; do not do anything negative in it. If you want only miseries, then maintain a negative ego and if you want a mixture of happiness and misery, then do positive and negative together. But if you want liberation, free yourself from the wrong belief and come into the nature of the Self (swa-bhaav). The whole world revolves around these three statements. You are in compliance with the dictates of every religion if you understand these three statements and abide by them.

Therefore there are only these three statements:

1. Have a positive ego to be happy. Positive ego is the ego that does not want to hurt any living being, in the slightest degree.

2. Negative ego is the cause of unhappiness and misery. If someone insults you and you harbor animosity and enmity towards that person, then it is a negative ego. If you complain to the authorities about someone who is hoarding goods illegally in his home, you are avenging yourself. You fool!You had that man arrested because of your animosity? Just for vengeance! This is a negative ego.

3. Become free from the false projection (aropit bhaav) of Self on the worldly self (I am *Chandulal) if you want liberation.

Negative ego is a bad thing. The moment you look to send someone to jail, you are imprisoning yourself. Your thinking should be that whatever comes your way, it comes to you because of your past mistakes so accept it and ‘deposit’ it into your karmic account. When someone insults you, accept the insult and do not lash out if you want to stop the karmic accounts with him. If you can afford to continue the business of this worldly life, then you can retaliate with twice the force.

Do what you like. When you give people respect and you know that the consequences of doing so are good, then you can respect them. It is written in Aptavani One (Dadashri’s first major reference text on Akram Vignan) that you can project into the world as you would in a step well. If you say ‘You are a thief’ into a well, an echo of ‘You are a thief’ will come back to you from the well. So if you don’t like that echo, then say, ‘You are a king’ and it will come back telling you, ‘You are a king.’ This is what the world is like.

Chandubhai* =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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