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Is there any place in this world where there is no competition?

Find ways to lose in life

That is exactly why ‘we’ say to you, ‘all of you are right.’ There is no competition (spardha) in our Akram Vignan. It is unparallel (ajod) and second to none. You can call it heavy if you want or you can call it light if you want to, but it is incomparable (ajod). No one is in competition with it.

‘We’ are not in competition with anyone. If someone were to ask ‘us’, ‘Sir, what is this group (religious) all about? What is their teaching like?’, ‘we’ will immediately tell him that ‘we’ do not have any attachment (raag) or abhorrence (dwesh) towards them. ‘We’ will tell them as it is. ‘We’ have no competition (spardha) within. ‘We’ are not concerned with it. And ‘we’ do not want to win in this competition. What will ‘we’ do by winning? ‘We’ are only interested in the goal of salvation.

Some people even come to me and talk negatively, I say to them, ‘I had no knowledge about that all; I only came to know about this through you and you know everything.’ I will say this to him and send him back because he will not be able to sleep otherwise, and I will incur a fault if I do not let him win. ‘You win, so go home now and sleep peacefully’. I tell that to many people. He wants to win so let him win. He will not sleep if he is defeated and I will sleep even if I am defeated. The more I lose, the better I sleep.


Find ways to lose. Learn to lose. This is ‘our’ new discovery. The winner will lose one day, but a loser will never lose. The one who sets out to win has failed from the start. These are not battles. Whether one sets out to win in the scriptures or anything else, he has failed the moment he sets out to win.

This Gnan is non-competitive. It is not a competitive Gnan. That is why we say it is very rare…rare…rare. It is very rare to find a Gnani Purush. 

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