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What is Anger ? Why is anger dangerous ?

Anger is like putting a lighted match to one's own home. Anger is setting fire to one's own home, which is filled with hay. First his own house burns and then the neighbor's house. What happens when a single match is thrown onto a haystack in a field?

Questioner: It will burn.

Dadashri: It is the same with anger. Whatever he had earned in two years, he will destroy in an instant by getting angry. Anger is a live fire. The person himself will not realize that he has destroyed everything, because the damage is not visible on the outside, but everything from within is destroyed. Part of whatever he has accumulated for the next life is expended. What happens if more is exhausted? As a human, he eats bread, but in his next life, as an animal, he will have to eat grass. No man in this world can conquer anger. Anger has two parts. One part comes as discord and the other as restlessness. Discord is apparent to others and restlessness remains within, unseen by others. It is the discord part of anger that one is able to overcome. However, as one part is suppressed, the other part increases. When one claims to have conquered his anger, his pride increases. In reality, anger cannot be completely conquered. Perhaps one can say that he has conquered the visible anger, discord.

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