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How to test true love?

Questioner: What is the difference between love of illusion and real love?

Dadashri: The moth hovers around the flame and sacrifices its life in it. That is called love of illusion, whereas real love will last. There is no illusion in real love.

Life of false attachment is useless. It is equivalent to being blind. It is like a blind man who wanders around like the moth and gets consumed in the process. Love on the other hand is constant and it gives lifelong happiness. It does not seek instant gratification.

Therefore, all these are false attachments of illusionary love. Everything is an illusion. Love of illusion is simply open strokes of deceit.

real love

Questioner: But how can an ordinary individual know the difference between real love and false love? How does the other person know whether one's love is real or false?

Dadashri: You will find out when you test it. It is best to test it before committing yourself. Just as we tap a rupee coin to test its authenticity, find an excuse to scold the other person and see their reaction. Nowadays selfishness is rampant. People will feign love for selfish motives. You should test it to see whether it is real love or not.

Questioner: Even when you scold…what is that real love like?

Dadashri: The one with such love will remain calm when scolded and take the utmost care not to hurt the offender. In the presence of such love even the wicked person would melt and surrender.

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