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How to ask for forgiveness for reprimanding subordinates?

Reprimanded Subordinates  At Work

Questioner :At my work, in order to accomplish certain deadlines, I have insulted and mistreated many people.

Dadashri: You must do pratikraman for all of them. When you mistreated them, you were only fulfilling your duty. You did not do it for yourself; therefore your intention was not bad.

Questioner: On that account, I was a very bad man. Many people might have gotten hurt, no?

Dadashri :That you can do collective pratikraman for-"I am asking for forgiveness for the mistakes which I have committed due to my strict nature." You do not have to do them separately.

Questioner :Should I do collective pratikraman?

Dadashri :Yes. You have to speak like this everyday: "I am asking for forgiveness for the hurt that I have caused to people because of the mistakes that I have committed, due to my nature, to accomplish the task of government."

Questioner :In pratikraman that we are doing, we recall the mistakes which are committed and asking for the forgiveness. A lot more mistakes are there that we might have forgotten so then why do we have to feel miserable by refreshing them again in memory?

Dadashri :It is not to become unhappy. It gets washed off as much as the book gets cleaned. Finally, you will have to clean that book. What are you going to lose if you spend one hour of your free time?

Questioner :My list of mistakes is very long.

Dadashri :If it is long, you should do collective pratikraman, even if for a hundred different kinds of mistakes committed with just one person. "I am asking for forgiveness for all these mistakes."

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