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How to deal with jealousy and suspicion in a relationship?

Questioner: What can we do to stop feelings of jealousy after this Gnan?


Dadashri: There are two ways to deal with that. One is to repent when you experience such feelings. The other is to realize that the jealousy is the result or effect from your previous life, and that they just happen, you do not make them happen. These feelings will disappear provided you do not accept them as yours and become involved with them. Just be aware of the traits of jealousy occurring within and remain separate. If however, you become jealous then you have to pratikraman.

Questioner: I do not want to harbor any suspicion for anyone, yet it happens. How can I stop this, Dada?

Dadashri: You must see the Pure Self of the person whom you have suspicions for, and ask for forgiveness. You should do pratikraman. These doubts that you feel come from the mistakes from your previous lifetime.

If you are walking alone at night and fear you might get mugged, you must do pratikraman for this. This suspicion spoils everything. Take the necessary precautions while doing pratikramans. If you harbor suspicions, things may go wrong. Do not allow yourself to become suspicious of any living being.Suspicion brings suffering. If you do nothing to dismiss your doubts, they will consume you.

When you feel doubt, you must make Chandulal* do pratikraman. You are the Lord of this universe, so why must you have any doubts? It is human nature to have doubts, but you must do instant pratikraman for this mistake.

When you become aware of the slightest thought, good or bad, about anyone, you must erase it immediately. If these thoughts are allowed to linger, they will reach the other person and proliferate. They can grow in a matter of hours, and continue for days. You should not allow your vibrations to flow in this way.

A large portion of effects of the deeds done in this life, is destroyed with pratikraman. When you do pratikraman, your karma will weaken like a burnt rope with its cinders intact, and will disintegrate at the slightest jolt. In your next life all you will have to do is shake off the cinders. Every act done in this life is an effect. Within it, unknown to the doer of the act, are the causes of next life. These causes give their results as effects in next life. For negative acts performed in this life, pratikraman changes the causes within, and therefore the desired result is the effect in the next life.

Chandulal* =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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