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What is Samadhi Death?

You can tell death, 'Come whenever you want to, early or late, but come as samadhi death.'

Samadhi Death

Samadhi death means that at the time of death the dying one remembers nothing but his Soul. His chit, the component of the mind that has knowledge and vision is focused on nothing but his Pure Soul. His mind, his chit, his intellect, and his ego are completely still. This is eternal bliss. Even problems created by external forces on his body (upaadhi) have no effect on him. Is the body not full of problems?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: It is full of not only physical but also mental ailments. Neither physical nor mental suffering touches the Gnani or the Self-realized one. The non-self-realized person will invite mental suffering even when it is not there. Samadhi death means there is a constant awareness of, 'I am the pure Soul (Shuddhatma).' So many of our mahatmas who have passed away, did so with the awareness of being the pure Soul.

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