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Why do I get angry at workplace?

Anger and deceit give protection to pride and greed. The protector of greed is deceit and the protector of pride is anger. Sometimes deceit also plays a role in protecting pride. Sometimes anger also plays a role in protecting greed.

Through anger they practice greed. A greedy person rarely gets angry, and when he does, we should understand that he is probably experiencing some difficulty related to his greed. Moreover, greedy people do not care what others say or think as long as they make money. They do not care even if they are insulted. They are like this because deceit will protect them. Deceit is their ignorance and is part of their nature. Thus deceit and anger are protectors of internal weaknesses.

One gets angry when his pride is wounded. Anger is easily detected and therefore, is easy to remove as compared to deceit, which deceives even the owner. Anger is the first of the kashayas to go. Anger is like ammunition, and wherever there is ammunition, there is an army ready to fight. Once the ammunition is depleted, why would the army still fight? Everyone would simply run away. No one will stick around.

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