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Why children favor their mother over their father?

Questioner: Reasonable annoyance or reasonable anger, is it not good?

Dadashri: What do people call that? It is foolish to become irritated. Irritation is considered a weakness. If we ask the children, what their father is like, they would say that he is a very cranky person. Does this not discredit the father's reputation? 

If you ask a child who in his family he likes best, he would say that he likes his mother the most because she does not get angry. The father undoubtedly comes last on his list because the father always gets angry. I would remind the child that it is his father who provides everything for him, so is not the father his favorite? And the child would shake his head. Now tell me, we work hard, we feed them, we bring home the money and give it to them, and yet even then we come last. 

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