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How to deal with angry people?

Questioner: But Dada, what should we do when someone gets angry with us?

Dadashri: They will get angry. Is it under their control? Their inner machinery is not under their control. This machinery keeps working any way it can. If it were under their control they would not let the machine overheat. To become even the slightest bit angry is to behave like a beast. One becomes transformed from a human being into a beast. People would not let such a thing happen, but what can they do when it is out of the their control?

The world is such, that there is no reason at any given time for any anger to take place. Even when children do not listen, there is no reason to become angry. You must handle this situation by remaining calm. To become angry is a terrible weakness. Anger is the worst weakness of all. You should be sympathetic towards the person who becomes angry and understand that he does not have any control in this matter. You should feel compassion for the person who has no control over himself.

What does it mean to become angry? When one becomes angry, it is like setting fire to oneself and then setting others on fire. Once the match is struck, it bursts into flames, destroying all around. So if getting angry were under one's control, one would not get angry. Who likes to burn? If someone tells me that anger is necessary in this world, I would respond by telling him that there is never a reason for anger. Anger is a weakness and that is why it happens spontaneously. God has called it a weakness. God has said that a real man is the one who has no weakness of ego, anger, greed, or attachment whatsoever. These men that you see around you are weaklings, because they have no control over their anger and they do not know how to deal with it. Anger, ego, attachment, and greed are all obvious weaknesses. Can you not feel your body tremble when you get angry?

Questioner: Even the body is saying that anger is not good.

Dadashri: Yes, even the body tells us that it is wrong when it trembles. So, one should consider anger to be a great weakness.

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