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Ethics in Business : How to deal with money

The final scerets of "How to deal with money" and "Ethics in Business" are exposed by Spiritual master Dadashri.Ideal key interactions on How to deal with loss/debts? Should I lend money? Should I expand my business? are presented here.

Ethics is the essence of worldly dealings. If you are ethical but do not have a lot of money, you will still have peace of mind and if you are unethical but have a lot of money, you will be miserable.

'Religion must exist in business but business must never exist in religion', lays down the fundamental ethics in business and spiritual practices.

Have you ever wondered 'why some people have money and others don't?', 'what is the relationship between money and spirituality?' Param Pujya Dadashri has revealed the complete science of money, presented beautifully in this book with practical examples of how he conducted his own monetary interactions.

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Spiritual Quotes on "Ethics in Business : How to deal with money"

  1. People live for two reasons. Only a rare person lives for the Soul. All the rest live for money.
  2. Dishonesty is the Best Foolishness. There has to be a limit to foolishness, do you not think so?
  3. Ethical practice! The flow of money may increase or decrease. Never become unethical.
  4. Money will not remain where there is contempt and gossip. When people are contemptuous or engaged in bad mouthing others, wealth will not come their way
  5. Obstacles to money will remain as long as you harbor the desire to earn it. When you become inattentive to money, it will come to you in abundance.
  6. Do not obstruct money if it comes your way and do not go digging for it if it does not.
  7. What is the natural law of money ? It says "Do no detain and hoard me. Circulate me. Give away as much as comes your way"
  8. Wealth comes your way when you give help to others, not otherwise. Wealth comes to those who have the desire to give.
  9. If the money is pure and right, then you will be always at peace and your life will be good.
  10. This human life is meant for liberation from anxieties; it is not just for making money.

Science behind "Ethics in Business : How to deal with money"

  1. Earning money is never from the use of the intellect nor is it the fruits of hard labour. It is the reward of one's merit karmas from one's past life.
  2. Money does not come, because of stealing. Where there is no stealing through the mind, speech or body, money is abundant. Stealing is an obstacle to wealth. Deception and money are enemies.
  3. What is the nature of money? It is unsteady and transitory. Make good use of it so that you do not misuse it. Do not keep it stagnant, because by nature there are many different types of money. One is flowing! Liquid cash is all movable wealth. The immovable wealth is things like homes, property etc. Of the two, the immovable wealth will last longer while the liquid wealth will disappear! So what is the nature of cash? It does not last more than ten years. The nature of gold is that it will last fourty to fifty years and the immovable wealth, real estate, will last up to a hundred years. Therefore the fixed period is different for each, but ultimately all of it will go. The Vaniks, the business class in India used to invest twenty five percent of their wealth in their business; twenty five percent for interest; twenty five percent in gold and twenty five percent in real estate. This is how they organized their wealth.
Try It Yourself

Try It Yourself

  1. "When you are giving away something of yours, at the time observe the joy you feel within"
  2. Every person should assess their needs based on what luxury he had at the time of his birth. That is the exact principle for happiness. Eveyrthing else fall in the category of excessiveness. Anything in excess is poisonous and invites misery.
  3. There is no need for you to keep an inner intent (bhavna) to earn money. Let your efforts continue, however, What happens when you have inner intents? If I grab the money for myself, there will be none left for the other person. Let whatever quotas have been assigned to people naturally, be. So then what is the use in keeping in inner intent? That is what I am trying to say. Doing this will prevent many people binding demerit karma. That is what I am saying.
  4. There is tremendous essence in this single sentence, but only if you understand it. It is not mandatory that people take this Gnan of mine. If a person has not taken this Gnan but understands that everything is precisely allocated and nothing occurs outside of one's account, it is enough.
  5. It is like this. Be completely ethical if you are able to be so. If not, then at least make a decision to be ethical at least three times a day. The fourth time you may let go and be unethical. It is still ethical to be unethical as long as you set a limit. Maintain honesty in your dishonesty. As a representative of the Vitraag Lords, I am telling you that as long as you keep your dishonesty in control, in the bounds of disciplined limits, you are ethical. This discipline will take you to moksha.

Dadas Life Example

"He has never accepted money from anyone in his life for even his most crucial expenses. For spiritual discourses, he traveled extensively from villages to towns to cities, regardless of train and airfares, with his own money. Many of his followers offered him thousands of rupees in cash and gold but he never accepted any of it. For those who had an earnest desire to give, he suggested they give for benefit of others, to the temples or the hungry.However, his suggestions only came after he was sure that the money was being offered willingly and within the means of the donor and with the consent of the entire family."

Download Books on "Ethics in Business : How to deal with money"

The Science Of Money

The Science Of Money

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