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What is Charity? Benefits and Types of Charity

What is Charity/Donation: To give happiness to other living beings, humans or animals. When you give happiness to others,  you will get happiness in return. Despite of giving away your own belongings, you feel good because you have done something good. 

When would one experience unending happiness? It will happen when you let go of the one thing in this world, which you love the most. In worldly matters, what is that? Money. People have excessive affection for money. Just let it go and let it flow. Only then will you find that the more you let go of it, the more it will come to you.

Dadashri has given extensive information about giving charity/donation, and other questions such as What is charity?, What are benefits of charity?, What are types of charity?, Where (To Whom) should Charity be given?, How to donate?, What is anonymous charity / donations?... and much more... reader will surely find this invaluable and insightful. 



Spiritual Quotes on "What is Charity? Benefits and Types of Charity"

  1. Charity means to give and then receive. There will be echoes of whatever you do and it will return to you with interest.
  2. Charity Means To Reap What You Have Sown.
  3. Greed Makes You Forget Charity.
  4. Give Without Expectations.
  5. When you do something auspicious or give to charity, give with the awareness and intent that others will benefit from your donation.
  6. When a donor gives with this unity of his mind, speech and conduct, he will receive tremendous benefits. The result of this is beyond imagination.
  7. Donate Anonymously.
  8. Donate Only The Surplus.
  9. Money does not belong to those who earn it, it belongs to those who to those who spend it. So whatever new 'overdrafts' (donations) you send (to the next life), that much will be yours.
  10. Wealth comes to you to be snatched away. If it does not go one way, it will go another. Therefore use it for a good cause; otherwise it will end up in the wrong place for sure.

Science behind "What is Charity? Benefits and Types of Charity"

  1. Are you able to take your money with you when you die? Whatever you spend for others is yours. That balance will be at hand for you in your next life. So, if you want a balance for your next life, you should spend your money for others in this life.
  2. One day I was visiting someone. We were sitting in his living room and there was a bad storm. The doors and windows started banging in the wind. The man asked me whether he should close the doors. I told him not to close all the doors. Fresh air can only flow in if the trapped air is allowed to flow out. Otherwise no matter how strong the force of the wind, it cannot enter. This same analogy can be applied to the flow of money. If you do not obstruct it and let it flow out from one end, it will flow in from the other and will continue to flow in. But if you obstruct it, no more will come in. That is how it works. Now, it is up to you to decide the path in which it will flow. Whether you use it on your wife and children, for fame, for Gnan daan, the charity that liberates others, or to feed the hungry, it is up to you. Only when you let it flow, it will come to you.
  3. The reward one receives is based on what he 'paints on the inner screen' (inner intent). The importance is being placed on the inner intent (bhaav, cause) and not on the action (effect) of giving. This is the science of the Vitarag Lords.
  4. When a person gives charity or does any other good deeds, his internal belief of, "I am giving charity," it attracts atoms of merit karma and while doing bad deeds, atoms of demerit karma are pulled to the self. When these karmas discharge as an effect, they will either bring happiness or misery.
Try It Yourself

Try It Yourself

  1. For giving charity of abhaya daan, one should first have the inner intention (bhaav) of not hurting any living being, even in the slightest degree. The Lord has called this the ultimate of all charities. No money is involved in this charity. As much as possible, your intention should be towards practicing abhaya daan.
What is the nature of Money?

What is the nature of Money?

In the most crucial time of life, only religion will help you. Therefore it is important to let your money flow towards religion, the benefit of others. During Satyug (era of true value and use of money), one could afford to be attached to money, as it benefited all. Such wealth does not exist in this era. Why do wealthy businessmen of today suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks? The culprit is the money of this era. 

What is the nature of money? Money is mobile by nature. It will come and go, so use it for the benefit of others. When hard times fall upon you, the only thing that will help you is what you have given to others. Be aware of this from the start and put your money to good use.

When your worldly interaction becomes pure, when you have no desire to take that, which is not rightfully yours, the world will be yours. It will not matter then if you enjoy life, because you are also sharing with others. What else is there to do? Are you able to take your money with you when you die? Whatever you spend for others is yours. That balance will be at hand for you in your next life. So, if you want a balance for your next life, you should spend your money for others in this life. This sharing is for all living beings; even if a crow takes a bite out of your food, it will be credited to your account. But anything you spend on yourself or your children goes down the drain. Nevertheless, that is inevitable. You have no choice in the matter. If you only feed birds, animals, and not people, it is still considered feeding others, but because it costs less to feed animals and birds, a lesser amount will be credited to your account.

Reference: Book: Nobel Use of Money (Page #6 Paragraph #2 - 5)

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Noble Use Of Money

Noble Use Of Money

Edler Umgang mit Geld

Edler Umgang mit Geld




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