9 Kalams for Spiritual Development : The Essence of Religion

Why despite being so deeply involved in religion and religious practices, our behavior does not reflect it? Are you not frustrated and confused by it? What is the reason behind this? 

Pujya Dadashri has clarified the mystery behind such confusion.  He says that all conduct and behavior is a result of past life causes. It is an effect. 'Bhaav' is a term that denotes deep inner intent, which is not readily apparent. This bhaav is a cause.  No one can bring about any changes in the result. If the cause changes, the result will change.

Pujya Dadashri has extracted the essence of the all scriptures and presented it to us, in the form of Nine Kalams. These Nine Kalams are the keys to bringing about a  change in the bhaav, on a fundamental level. Not even extensive studying of scriptures will bring about such changes in bhaav

Thousands of people have benefited from the simple message of these kalams. By reciting these Nine Kalams, new internal causes are completely changed and one attains inner peace in this life. It will wash away all negativity in one's life. This is the essence of religion.

The path to liberation - spiritual development will then become easy. 

Science of inner intent

This video explores the spiritual science of inner intent. It demonstrates the effect of inner intent on our current circumstances and it's power to change our future life.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. If the cause changes, the result will change.
  2. The change of opinion changes the cause.
  3. If you see fault in someone, it is your own fault. Our intellect makes us see faults in others.
  4. As long as you have tiraskar (CONTEMPT) for anyone, you cannot become a vitaraag. (A state where one is beyond all attachment and aversion).
  5. "By the very fact that you have changed your opinion, you have become separate from the event. This is the secret of the path of liberation. The world is not aware of it."
  6. All your faults that have occurred up until now will be washed when you say these kalamas and the fruits will surely come.
  7. These nine kalams contain the highest bhaav. They are the essence of all the scriptures.
  8. When a person invokes these kalams all his conflicts with the world will cease. A sense of oneness with all will prevail.
  9. These nine kalams is the essence of all religion.
  10. Contempt hurts the ego.

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