Pratikraman : Asking for forgiveness with repentance

Many of us have faithfully adhered to religious rituals. We have surrendered ourselves to strict penance, fasting, meditation, and other such austerities, only to discover that we still make mistakes through our minds, our speech, and our conduct. Why have we not found internal peace?

What should we do when we realize our faults and how should we get rid of them? How to do pratikraman (ask for forgiveness with repentance)? How to repent for your sins? How do we stop them from recurring?

Is it possible for a person with a lot of bad karmas to acquire good karmas? What are the answers to such questions that have agonized people for time immemorial?

Many people around the world are experiencing internal peace and are destroying the very root of hatred and abhorrence with bhaav pratikraman discovered by Gnani Purush Dadashri.

You yourself will be amazed to experience how pratikraman is helpful to eliminate animosity and vengeance from your life.

Clear mistakes by Pratikraman

Pratikraman is a method of spiritual repentance which clears karmas associated with hurting others. With this practice, conflicts are resolved and inner peace remains.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Knowledge of the Self is the path of liberation. Pratikramans after Self-realization puts you on the path to liberation.
  2. It is alochana(confession of one's mistakes), pratikraman(asking for forgiveness), and pratyakhyan(firm resolve and determination never to repeat the mistake). These will fuel your vehicle en route to moksha. The way to moksha is through these, no other rituals are needed. This is what I myself have done for countless lives. For so many lives I have done alochana, Pratikraman.
  3. It will be enough to do just this (Pratikraman) and nothing more. You need not seek any other religion. I am giving you my guarantee and am blessing you for liberation. I will be with you the entire way, giving you my full support. All that is required of you is your readiness. If you were to apply any of this in your daily life, it will be enough.
  4. It is natural for humans to err, but how can they escape from this? Only a Gnani Purush can show you how. It is through pratikraman!
  5. You should ask Dada for strength in everything. If you fail to do pratikraman, you must ask for the strength to do proper pratikraman. Ask for all the strength. I have as much strength as you need.
  6. With pratikraman, his/her animosity towards you will lessen. With each pratikraman, a layer of karma is shed. Karma comes in layers, as do onions. You will have to do as many pratikramans as the number of layers you have caused.
  7. The mind is not as much of a problem as the speech is, because the mind functions secretly, whereas speech can carve a hole in a person's heart and hurt him severely. You must ask for forgiveness from whomever you have hurt with your speech. You must recall each and every person and do pratikraman in their name.
  8. If you hide things from the Gnani Purush, it will hinder you. People do pratikraman in order to bring things out into the open. That man brought so much baggage with him and he came here to confess everything. What happens when you try to hide things? Your faults will remain hidden and they will double.
  9. This is Akram Vignan. 'Vignan' means that it is a Science and therefore it gives immediate results. Where there is no need to do anything, that is called a science, and wherever one has to do something, that is all relative religion.
  10. "This is the cash bank of Divine Solution." The only 'cash bank.' Such a bank has not appeared in the last one million years. It offers liberation within just two hours. I am ready to grant you whatever you ask of me.

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