Pratikraman : Solutions to relationship problems

Are you trapped in the never-ending, intense emotions of anger, greed, suspicion, jealousy, and animosity for anyone? Have you committed a sin that is now making you feel guilty or depressed? Have you just realized that you tend to hurt people through thoughts, speech, and actions? Is there a relationship that is taking away your internal peace via daily fights, contempt, or conflicts? Do you have a bad habit such lying, making fun of others, or stealing? If your answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you truly may be seeking how to sow the seeds of peace and bring happiness back in your life, right?

Well, there is one easy and effective solution to all these problems – Pratikraman! It is the means to get guaranteed freedom through apology and repentance for gaining peace of mind so that you can live in harmony with family, friends, and co-workers. Done in the witness of your Lord in whom you believe, Pratikraman is a three-fold, small mental procedure that entails: Apology or confession with understanding, asking for forgiveness with repentance, and making a strong resolution of never to repeat the same again. It is scientific way to get rid of any bad habit, misdeed, sin, or bad emotion!

Param Pujya Dadashri has shown how to use this most powerful weapon of Pratikraman for fighting against all odds of life. Whether it is the matter of how to fix a relationship or how to remove a bad habit, Pratikraman is the spiritually tested way to wash off your wrongdoings, just as you would remove the dirt or stains from your clothes daily. That’s why even Christians do confessions on Sundays, isn’t it? However, it is a virtue that is not restricted to Christianity; in fact, it is a healing practice meant for the entire mankind for retaining humanity!

Pratikraman has such an impact that if you do pratikraman towards someone whether the person is present or not, for one hour, it will bring profound changes within that person. With heart-felt apology and repentance, you will feel lighter. Not only that, but you can even turn your foe into your friend without uttering him a word! You yourself can practically apply pratikraman at every stage of your life and experience peace of mind. 


Clear mistakes by Pratikraman

Pratikraman is a method of spiritual repentance which clears karmas associated with hurting others. With this practice, conflicts are resolved and inner peace remains.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. At least try doing pratikraman, and then witness the changes of the people in your household. There will be magical changes and effects.
  2. Life is not meant for hurting anyone. If you hurt the person you will surely have to amend the situation.
  3. First the cure is born and then the problem or affliction arises.
  4. Wash away all the contempt you have towards others. Put soap on it and wash it.
  5. Pratikraman is like planting a roasted seed, do not grow, and new causes are not created.
  6. Extremely intelligent people have a tendency to make fun of others. Is such ego not futile? It is the sign of misuse of intellect.
  7. When you sit down to do pratikraman, you will experience the 'nectar' from within and you will feel very light.
  8. No one possesses the power to bother anyone or the power to endure. Each person is merely a puppet going about his business on the world's stage. With pratikraman, these puppets learn to live in peace and harmony. No matter how insane the other person may be, he will come to his senses through your pratikraman.

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