What is Charity? What are the Benefits and Types of Charity?

Charity is to give to others that which belongs to you. When you give to charity you experience happiness. Do you know why? Because when you let go of the one thing that you love the most, you get happiness because you give happiness to others. For most people that one thing, is money.

Spiritual Science places more importance on the inner intent (cause) than on the action (effect) of giving to charity. The one who donates willingly and happily reaps more benefits than the one who donates under pressure or with the expectation of return. Your intention should be to lessen the other person’s misery, not to gain fame or fortune.

Various obstructions and difficulties in life are created by taking away from others, while a happy life is created by those who give to others. Charity done with the unity of the mind, speech and conduct receives tremendous benefits.

Param Pujya Dadashri has given scientific answers to many questions related to charity, such as what are the benefits of charity? What are the most valuable types of donations? How many kinds of charity are there? To whom can we give? What kind of awareness should one have when making a donation? What is anonymous charity / donation? etc.

Read on to make sure that your money goes towards a good cause!

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Charity means to give and then receive. There will be echoes of whatever you do and it will return to you with interest.
  2. Charity Means To Reap What You Have Sown.
  3. Greed Makes You Forget Charity.
  4. Give Without Expectations.
  5. When you do something auspicious or give to charity, give with the awareness and intent that others will benefit from your donation.
  6. When a donor gives with this unity of his mind, speech and conduct, he will receive tremendous benefits. The result of this is beyond imagination.
  7. Donate Anonymously.
  8. Donate Only The Surplus.
  9. Money does not belong to those who earn it, it belongs to those who to those who spend it. So whatever new 'overdrafts' (donations) you send (to the next life), that much will be yours.
  10. Wealth comes to you to be snatched away. If it does not go one way, it will go another. Therefore use it for a good cause; otherwise it will end up in the wrong place for sure.

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