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Spiritual Science of Speech : True Nature of Speech

Have you ever thought how this speech is spoken? When you pluck a string on a sitar, how many different sounds does it produce? Many. In the same way, as soon as you have the desire to utter just one word, other words will formulate and be spoken automatically. What made you say something although it was not your wish? 

Dadashri has exposed the true nature of speech. Speech is inanimate; it is a record. When you play a tape, does the tape not have to be recorded first? In the same way, the tape of your entire life speech has already been recorded in the past life and in this life it is playing. Just as a record starts playing when the needle is placed on the record, so will the record of your speech commence as soon as the appropriate circumstances arise.

Dadashri has also revealed the hidden secrets of how to clear past life karma, relation between inner intent and speech. Also know the scientific approach to stop lying and how to attain the power of speech.

Read on to get tremendous insight into the fundamental and subtle principles that govern speech.  


Spiritual Quotes on "Spiritual Science of Speech : True Nature of Speech"

  1. When you tell someone he is wrong, it is the same as throwing dirt over your own soul.
  2. Using disturbing language is the greatest transgression of all, but when a person dismisses such words, he is truly considered a human being.
  3. To protect what you say is the greatest violence (himsa).To insist that what you say is absolutely true is himsa.
  4. The highest truth is one where no living being is hurt through the medium of the mind, the speech or the actions.
  5. The one who wants liberation, should not insist, 'This is what needs to be done, and this is how it has to be done.'
  6. To give advice that is not requested, God calls egoism.
  7. An obstruction to Self-Realization is to see fault in others.
  8. The only language worth recording in the mind-body complex is the language of love.
  9. Parmaarth(Ulimate Goal) means anything that is done for the Soul.
  10. The person whose mind, speech and conduct do not harm or hurt anyone in the slightest is considered sheelvan (highest of morals; purity) and one cannot have speech that is effective and efficacious and speech that liberates, without becoming a sheelvan.

Science behind "Spiritual Science of Speech : True Nature of Speech"

  1. There are so many recording devices and transmitters today that people are beginning to fear them. They are afraid of being secretly taped. Now these devices just record the spoken words. The human mind-body complex on the other hand is capable of recording the account of new karma, effective in the next life. People are not even afraid of this! Even if you call a person worthless while he is sleeping, your remark will be recorded within that person and you will have to face the consequences. So you must not utter a word about anyone while he is sleeping, because everything will be recorded; such is this machinery. If you want to say something, make sure it is positive. Your good intentions (bhaavs) will result in happiness for you. But never say anything negative about anyone, even when alone, because the consequences will be very bitter. Everything gets recorded, so make sure you only record the good things.
  2. The whole world is flawless. I see its flawlessness, and that is why I tell you about it. Why is the world flawless? Is the Pure Soul not flawless? So who appears to be at fault? It is the body complex (pudgal) that appears to be at fault. But this body complex, throughout its existence, is an effect of past karma. What can you do when it is the unfolding the effects of past karma that dictate the kind of speech that comes out?
  3. The laws of karma are such that if you scold your servant, your child or your wife for an hour, in your next life they will return as your husband or your mother-in-law and do the same to you. Surely we need justice? You will have to suffer the same thing. If you hurt anyone, you will have suffering throughout your life. Even if you hurt someone for just an hour, you will have to experience a lifetime worth of suffering. You will then complain about your wife ill-treating you. Even your wife will ask herself why she mistreats you. She too suffers, but what can anyone do?
  4. The power of speech arises when one does not use a single word to make fun of others, does not use it for his own selfish gain, does not misuse his speech, and does not use it to increase his prestige.
Try It Yourself

Try It Yourself

  1. If you want to improve your speech you must stop using hurtful speech towards others. You can also improve your speech if you do not see faults in others and if you avoid conflicts.
  2. "Dada, please reside in all your glory on my vocal cords!" Ask Dada for this and your speech will improve. Even doing Dada's niddidhyasan (visual contemplation) on your vocal cords, will improve your speech.
  3. As soon as you realize that you have lied, you must immediately ask for forgiveness from 'Dada' by saying, "Dada I do not want to tell a lie and yet I did. Please forgive me. I will not lie again." If it happens again, do not worry, just continue to ask for forgiveness. If you do this your mistakes will not be 'recorded'. They will not go on record if you ask for forgiveness.
Dada's Life Example

Dada's Life Example


If one says, 'I want to work,' then all the lethargy will disappear. I am relating to you what I was like when I was about twenty-five years old. This was before my Self-Realization. Whenever someone asked me how I was, if I happened to be feeling under the weather, I would still say, 'I am very well. My health is very good.' Although people may in general be in good health, they will still tell you that, 'It is fair'. What foolishness! When they say that, they do not get very far.
That is why I have eliminated the words 'fair' and 'okay' altogether because such words are damaging. The moment you say, 'It's great' the Soul within you becomes great also.

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Science of Speech

Science of Speech

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