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Non violence (Ahimsa) and Spiritual Awareness

Ahimsa  (Non violence) is to maintain the awareness of not hurting any living being, even to the slightest degree, through one's mind, speech and actions.When this principle remains firm in your conviction and awareness then progress will occur in spirituality.

If one does not understand what constitutes the entire spectrum of ahimsa towards living beings, beginning with the visible to the subtlest, such as life-forms present in the air and water, and if one does not understand intent-violence (violence through inner intent which creates new karma) and intent-death (the ultimate of all violence: violence against the self), then whatever ahimsa one practices, will be in vain. One will be stuck at the level of mere words and gross mechanical actions.

Find more about violence (Himsa) and non-violence (Ahimsa), from the gross to the subtlest levels as exposed by the Gnani Purush (Spiritual Scientist) himself.

This read will, without doubt, serve as a very useful guide for those who want to practice Non-Violence (Ahimsa) and desire liberation...


Spiritual Quotes on "Non violence (Ahimsa) and Spiritual Awareness"

  1. The definition of ahimsa is: to maintain the awareness to not hurt any living being, even in the slightest degree, through your mind, speech and actions.
  2. "Face all violence with non-violence." If someone uses the weapon of violence, you should use the 'weapon' of non-violence against him. Only this approach will lead to happiness. Violence only stops with non-violence.
  3. On the one hand people pray to the Lord while on the other, they continue to hurt the very beings within which the Lord resides. 
  4. To cause someone mental distress, to hurt him, cheat, betray or steal from him is all raudradhyan (adverse internal meditation that hurts others), the consequence of which will be a life in hell.
  5. Ahimsa means to not have a single negative thought about anyone, not even for one's own enemies. A non-violent person will even think about the physical well-being and salvation of his own enemy.
  6. Kashaya is the ultimate violence and that is why the Lord has said that first and foremost, one should not have any kashaya. This type of violence is called self-violence or intent-violence (bhaav-himsa).
  7. There is no greater violence than the kashaya done against other human beings. Show me anyone that does not do this. Those who do no kashaya at home practice true ahimsa.
  8. If a person were to resolve in his mind that under no circumstances does he want to kill any life-form, then he will not be instrumental in causing the death of any life-form.
  9. Protecting life from fear (Abhaydaan) is the highest charity of all.
  10. Only the one, who is absolutely non-violent himself, can show others the true nature of violence. Such a being is eternally established as the Self. These are the Tirthankaras and the Gnanis.
Dada's Life Example

Dada's Life Example

If a non-violent person shot an arrow at someone, his victim would not bleed. In contrast, a violent man would cause the person to bleed, even if he threw a flower at him. Neither the arrow nor the flower is itself 'effective', but it is the intent behind the act that is 'effective'. This is why my constant intent is that no one should be hurt in the slightest manner by my speech, my thoughts and my conduct. And my words and speech flows from this very intent. It is not the arrow, nor the flower, nor anything else for that matter that yields an effect, it is the intent that yields an effect.

Akram Vignan states that a person should not even use his thoughts as a weapon. So how can anyone use any other weapons? How can I wield any weapon against other life-forms when I have never once resorted to using even my thoughts as a weapon against the smallest of life-forms? Sometimes I tend to speak a little harshly, but such harshness is like the subtle difference between raw and refined silk. Such speech comes out only rarely. I have never used my speech as a weapon nor have I ever used my thoughts in that way.

I have never used my mind as a weapon against even the smallest of life-forms. Even if I was stung by a scorpion, I would not raise any weapon against it. By stinging me, the scorpion would be fulfilling its obligation, without which there would be no liberation for me. I can assure you that I have not used my mind as a weapon against any living being. Although it is the nature of the mind to retaliate, I assure you that I have not used it in this way. 

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