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Uniqueness of Akram Vignan

True Knowledge / Gnan / Right Understanding
  • This world is trapped in the well of suffering. What creates this suffering? This suffering stems from ignorance of the Self. All suffering in this world is because of ignorance. Only Gnan can cure this suffering. There is no other remedy. Gnan insulates you from suffering.
  • In Akram Vignan, one experiences freedom from mental problems (aadhi), physical problems (vyaadhi) and external problems (oopadhi)
  • Akram Vignan is about spiritualism, it does not require you to leave your religion or Guru.
  • Moksha means to come to your Real nature.
  • The first stage of Moksha is where you experience a sense of neutrality towards your problems and miseries
  • Through Akram, like King Janak , we too can experience Moksha in our lifetime !
  • Akram Vignan is not gender biased. Moksha is possible for Women also. They are worthy of attaining Moksha, because in essence they are Atma
  • 'God is in every creature,whether visible or invisible. Not in creation!'
  • Is there a God? Yes, indeed there is God and moreover, that God is within you! Beyond this, there is no other God or superior above you. There is no almighty power to rule over you. You are completely independent!
  • In fact, this world is anadi-anant (no beginning-no end). This world carries on without an end. Therefore, there is no beginning and there is no end. If there is no beginning, then there is no creator!
  • The entire world is run by the coming together and dissipation of circumstances. There is no one (God) up above running the world. Everything is controlled by only scientific circumstantial evidences. Many causes, hidden and obvious, have to come together for anything to happen
Nothing to renounce
  • You can attain Atma Gnan (self realization) while living the worldly life and fulfilling your parental and other duties through Akram Path.
  • One is bound by one's own mistakes, not by anyone else; not even one's own family. Not even material wealth binds anyone. The only thing that binds a person is his own blunders and mistakes. The ignorance of the Self is the root cause of all mistakes
Gnani’s Grace
  • This path is very unique. It comes directly from Divine Grace. One acquires the experience of the Pure Soul through the Gnani's grace in 2 hours!
  • This is a shortcut path to Atma Gnan (self realization). It does not require any effort on your part. Gnani will give you your Atma (soul) in your hands; so all that remains is for you to enjoy the bliss of the experience.
  • Here, the link of living Gnani continues. So one should look for a living Gnani. There can be no solution without one.
Qualities of a Gnani Purush

Following are some of the qualites of Gnani Purush. You are bound to observe them in Param Pujya Dadashri, Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai.

  • Their speech, action and humility are full of compassion and they will win you over.
  • Their serene smile makes one forget their miseries.
  • The Gnani Purush does not have even the slightest ego.
  • The Gnani Purush does not have a drop of intellect (buddhi -the light of knowledge which comes through the medium of the ego).
  • A Gnani Purush knows the qualities of the Self and the non-self and so he can separate the two.
Gnan Vidhi
  • Gnan Vidhi is the process which draws an exact line of demarcation between your True Self (Pure Soul) and non-self; the Real and the relative.
  • The Self (Soul or Atma) and the non-self are in a mixture form and not in a compound form.
  • During Gnan Vidhi, the conviction 'I am pure Soul' is established and your wrong belief 'I am John*' (*replace with your name) is destroyed.
Spontaneous Awareness
  • After Gnan Vidhi, even upon waking up in the middle of the night, you spontaneously remember ' I am Shuddhatma'(Pure Soul). This is the proof that you have realized the Soul. One has to remind oneself of this awareness in the Kramic path, but in the Akram path, the awareness is spontaneous and natural.
  • What is it that warns you from within? It is 'Pragnya'. 'Pragnya' is the direct light of the Soul and it begins after this Gnan Vidhi.
  • After Gnan Vidhi, one feels tension free and one's awareness is increased
Kshayak samkit
  • After Gnan Vidhi, the conviction of the Pure state is constant. When the conviction is constant, such a state is called 'kshayak samkit'.
No one is at fault
  • After this Gnan, people only see the faults that lie within themselves; they do not look at other people's faults. They do not harbor even the slightest intention to harm any being.
  • Even when one is involved in negative acts, one is immediately warned from within.
Five Aagnas (Five Cardinal Principles)
  • This agnas are nothing but understanding to be practiced post Gnan Vidhi.
  • In order for the separation to prevail, Akram Vignan gives you the five aagnas. These five aagnas will guide and protect you. When one abides by the five aagnas, bliss will prevail
  • Once enclosed in the protective sphere of the aagnas,nothing in the world will bother you. Karma will not bind you.
  • If you remain within these aagnas, you can experience the bliss of Lord Mahavir (the 24th Jain Tirthankara)
Who is the doer?
  • Sanyog (an event, association of circumstances) happens by itself, and so does viyog (dissipation of circumstances). But man, with ego, takes the credit. When a man earns money, he says, "I earned it." When he suffers losses, he loses all confidence and despairs: "What could I do?"
  • In reality, all this just happens. Only when numerous circumstances come together can an event take place. But you claim with egoism, 'I did it.' You take credit for the things that turn out well and blame others or bad luck, when things do not turn out as you planned.
  • One's 'doership' is only one of the evidences in any thing that happens. One is not an independent or 'whole & sole' doer of anything. Numerous visible & invisible circumstances need to come together for anything to happen. Akram Vignan identifies these collective circumstances, uniquely termed as "Scientific Circumstantial Evidences" (Vyavasthit Shakti) as the doer.
Karmic Science of Cause and Effect.- Change the Cause
  • Param Pujya Dadashri has made a scientific disclosure that a person's conduct is a karmic effect, and his inner intent is a karmic cause.
  • Nobody can change an effect. Effects occur by scientific means only.
  • If the cause is changed, then the effect will change automatically. In order to change the cause, one must make changes in his inner intents (bhaav). The inner intents are changed through the Nine Principles of purity (Nav Kalamo) which are the essence of all collective scriptures.
  • These nine keys given by Param Pujya Dadashri culminate in changes at the core level. Through daily contemplation, one stops seeing faults in others and the pursuit of eternal peace becomes his primary goal.
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