Anger Management: How to Control Anger?

Anger is one letter away from the word Danger. Some of us think that we cannot get things done unless we get angry. Why do we always get angry at people who are dependent on us such as spouse, children, employees, or even a waiter or shop assistant? Does this reflect our strength or weakness? Do we ever realise what kind of ill-feelings are harboured against us when they become the target of our enraging fire, i. e. Anger? Is anger really a cause or an unavoidable effect which arises when we are unable to solve our daily life problems?

Read on to get answers, quotes, try yourself, Dadashri's examples, books and videos on anger managment.

Also, do attend Gnan Vidhi (Self Realization ceremony) to really understand your true self. This helps one to become truely free from anger.



Anger management or complete freedom from anger is only possible, when you realize your true self and become observer of it.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Anger is like ammunition and wherever there is ammunition, there is an army ready to fight.
  2. It is when people cannot think clearly that they get angry. Would they get angry if they were able to think? How are you rewarded when you get angry? First the sparks set you on fire and then you burn others.
  3. Anger is the worst weakness of all. You should be sympathetic towards the person who becomes angry and understand that he does not have any control in this matter.
  4. It is not just the anger that is expressed outwardly that constitutes anger, but also the smoldering one feels within.
  5. Tolerance is really twice the anger. Tolerance means to suppress continually. One will realize this when the spring of coil suppressed anger rebounds one day.
  6. God said that when one gets angry with one's blood relatives, their minds become estranged. This estranged state will prevail for years or throughout their lives.
  7. When a man becomes emotional, so many living organisms within him are killed. The moment anger arises, millions of lives are destroyed, but even then people maintain that they practice non-violence (ahinsa or ahimsa).
  8. Trying to find a solution to stop the anger is foolishness because anger is a result. It is just like the results of an examination. The result cannot be changed. It is the cause which one needs to change.
  9. Anger can only dissolve if one understands that those who do wrong by him are merely his nimits, (people instrumental in delivering the effects of his past karma) and that what he is experiencing is the result of his karmas from his previous life.
  10. People are more fearful of those who do not get angry as opposed to those who do. Why is that so? It is because one develops inner strength when anger ceases. This is the law of nature.
  11. Now if neither the intent to hurt nor the lingering of annoyance were present in the anger, one would attain liberation.

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