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History of Akram Vignan

Akram Vignan is the current unique short-cut path to Self-realization, introduced to the world by the Gnani Purush whose worldly name was Param Pujya Ambalal Muljbhai Patel, also known as 'Dadashri'.


Historical background :

This science of Akram Vignan is the same Knowledge Lord Rushabdev, the first Tirthankar, gave to his eldest son Bharat. Bharat, like his younger brothers, wanted to renounce the worldly life for his own salvation, but his father told him that he was ordained to rule the kingdom being the eldest. Lord Rushabdev gave King Bharat the Knowledge of Akram Vignan and assured Bharat that this science was such that he too would attain moksha (liberation) despite living with his thirteen hundred queens, carrying out his kingly duties, engaging in wars and defending his kingdom.

This science of Akram Vignan comes to light once in a milion years!


Dadashri's quest and the spontaneous event :

spontaneous eventFor infinite lives, Param Pujya Dadashri had been searching for a path that would give liberation to people despite living a worldly life.

This spiritual science was naturally manifest within Param Pujya Dadashri one evening in June 1958, as he sat waiting for a train on platform 3 of Surat Railway Station, India.The ego vanished completely as the knowledge of the Self unveiled to him. He saw the entire universe, how it functions, who runs it, who is God, who am I, on what basis do things come together etc . He understood everything and experienced absolute bliss. He said it was beyond words to describe the bliss of the Self!


Current Link of Akram Vignan :

Current Link of Akram VignanParam Pujya Dadashri was the master scientist of Akram Vignan. He passed on the knowledge of Akram Vignan along with his special spiritual energies to Pujya Niruma & Pujya Deepakbhai. Pujya Deepakbhai is now the current link to the phenomenal science of Self Knowledge.

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