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Benefits After Gnan Vidhi

Life After Gnan / Immediate benefits post Gnanvidhi


"A Self-realized person is in eternal bliss. Self-realization is when one experiences inner peace (samadhi) even during troubles of the mind (aadhi), body (vyaadhi) or outside troubles (oopadhi)"
- Dadashri


After attaining the Gnan, your anger, pride, deceit and greed will gradually leave.

After entering this elevator, how does one know that he is going towards moksha? Your assurance is that your anger, lust, greed, and pride (krodh-maan-maaya-lobh) will go away. The internal suffering will go away. There will not be anymore artadhyan (adverse meditation that affects the relative self) or raudradhyan (adverse meditation causing harm to others). This will be your confirmation.


True Samadhi - inner peace prevails amidst physical, mental or externally induced sufferings

What is true samadhi? A true samadhi is one in which there is uninterrupted awareness of the Self. True samadhi is one where despite circumstances of mental suffering (aadhi), physical suffering (vyadhi), and suffering caused by external circumstances (upadhi), the inner state of bliss prevails.


The intent for the world's salvation

The bliss of the Self is such that as one experiences it, he feels compassionate towards the suffering of all humans. There arises within an intent to help others to attain their salvation. The Knowledge of the Self incites love for all living beings and a concern for their liberation.


Oneness with all

As compassion and love arises for all living beings, there arises a feeling of being one with everyone as the Self is the same in all. When you see your Self in everyone, feelings of superiority vanish, giving you the impulse to be as humble as possible. Appreciation of the science of Akram Vignan naturally brings about spiritual transformation.


No worries after Gnan

Param Pujya Dadashri has guaranteed that one will not suffer from any worries in worldly life if he observes the five agnas (five cardinal principles) after Gnan.


Remain the Knower and the Seer, and not the doer

Before you attained the Knowledge of the Self (Gnan) you were living as John (replace with your own name). Now You are the Knower and Seer of John' (replace with your own name)and all that he does. You, the Self constantly knows what John' (replace with your own name) is doing as a result of this Gnan.

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