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Achieve self realization and experience eternal bliss in 2 hours ! - Read More

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Akram Vignan at a glance

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What is it?

  • It naturally manifest within Gnani Purush Ambalal Muljibhai Patel in June 1958
  • It is a new and unique short-cut to Self-Realization and liberation for this day and age.
  • It is the same direct approach to Self-realization that Lord Rushabdev gave to his eldest son, King Bharat and Lord Krishna gave to Arjun on the Kurukshetra battle field.

How is it unique?

  • As compared to the traditional paths to Self-realization, there are no rituals or strict regimes to follow.
  • There are no qualifications that the seeker has to meet.
  • It is available to all, regardless of class, race, religion or gender.
  • There is no charge for it.
  • Seminars on the science of Akram Vignan are always conducted in a question-answer format, never as a lecture. Seekers are encouraged to keep asking questions until they are satisfied.
  • The most unique and fundamental aspect of Akram Vignan is that once you are graced with the Knowledge of the Self, you will not bind any new karmas provided you remain within the Five Agnas; five Knowledge-based principles given by the Gnani to help you discharge your past karmas and conduct your worldly interactions with equanimity. Since new karmas are not bound, your final liberation is guaranteed within fifteen lifetimes!

How is it a short-cut?

  • All the work is done by the current living Gnani. Through a process called Gnan vidhi, the Gnani directly graces the seeker with self realization..
  • Self-realization through this path puts the seeker at a spiritual level from which he can never fall provided there is compliance to the principles given by the Gnani.

How Akram Vignan works ?

Traditionally, for liberation, people have to renounce their family, their worldly life and all worldly possessions. They then withdraw into isolation to practice disciplines of dissolving the ego and the inner weaknesses of anger, pride, deceit, greed, attachment and aversion. When all forms of inner passions are destroyed, the Self is attained. However, with Akram Vignan, the Self is attained within an hour through the Gnani's grace. Concurrently, the root cause of the ego, the belief in "I am John", is completely annihilated. Thereafter, nothing remains to be attained or renounced. You continue living your worldly life as before, except now You have the inner light (pragnya-shakti) of the awakened Self guiding you as you sail across the life's ocean, all the while maintaining equanimity.

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