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Who are Durga Devi and Ambe Maa ?

Amba mata, Durga devi and such other, are Goddesses who represent naturalness of prakruti. If the prakruti becomes natural, then the self will become natural or if the Self (Soul) becomes natural, then the prakruti will become natural. 'You' should make the prakruti do bhakti (devotional activity) of these Goddesses. You as the Self should not be doing the bhakti but make 'Chandulal', the relative self do their bhakti, only then will the prakruti become natural. 

In India, they have many different names for Mataji (mother Goddess). How vast this science must be! Just imagine how extensive their research must have been that they discovered Goddesses Amba mata (also known as Ambika), Saraswatidevi and Lakshmidevi. This science made tremendous progress, but now it is nowhere to be found; nowadays people do not know how to do darshan of these Goddesses.  

Ambe maa is adhyashakti (original energy force). She grants energy to the prakruti. Prakruti becomes powerful and energized by worshipping her. Goddess Ambika can destroy one's worldly obstacles, but liberation can only be attained through Gnan. The four Goddesses, Ambe maa, Bahucharama, Kadikama (or Kalika) and Bhadrakalima are present if you know how to do their darshan. These Goddesses cannot destroy one's sins, but they give energy to the prakruti.

Ambe maa gives 'us' so much protection. There is a presence of the Devas (celestial Gods) all around 'us' (Dada - the Gnani Purush and the Lord within). 'We' do not take any steps without first consulting them. The grace of all the Devas constantly flows upon my mahatmas and 'us'.

Ambe Maa

Goddess Ambika devi means sahaj (natural) prakruti. Each Goddess has her own rules and they will be pleased if you abide by those rules. 'We' are Goddess Ambika's one and only son. If you were to take a message or a note from 'us' to her, she would grant you a favor. If you have a son and a servant, and if that servant remains loyal to you and abides by your every rule, would he not be dear to you? He would be. 'We' have never broken or violated any rules of Goddess Ambikama, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi. 'We' always abide by their rules. That is why all the three Goddesses are constantly pleased with 'us'. If you want to please them you too should abide by their laws.    

Questioner: What are Goddesses Amba mataji's rules? In my home everyone worships her, but we do not know her rules.

Dadashri: What does Ambe maa stand for? She represents natural prakruti so how can she be pleased with you if you break the natural state of prakruti? This Goddess Ambika is someone unique; she is the Mother Goddess. In Bengal she is called Durga ma, but really it is Ambe maa herself. There are many different names for the Goddess, she is a powerful Goddess. She is the entire prakruti herself. If the prakruti becomes natural, so will the Self, without doubt. And when the self moves towards becoming natural, so will the prakruti.

Chandulal* =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding. 

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