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what is definition of true chaste woman/sati?

Whatever happens, if the husband is not there, if the husband has died even then she does not give in to another man. No matter what the other man is, even if God himself comes down as a man, she will still say no, " I have a husband, he is my Lord". This is called a sati. Can any one be considered a sati these days? It is not always like this, is it? Times are different now days aren't they? In Satyug times there were some satis.

This is for one who wishes to be a sati. This way they can one day become a sati. Today, do you know that sex is being sold at the price of bangles? Do you not understand what I am saying?

Questioner : Yes, it is being sold at the price of bangles.

Dadashri : At which market? In colleges? At what price is it being sold? Sex is sold at the price of gold. Some is sold at the price of diamonds. Not everywhere. Some do not even accept gold. No matter what you offer them, they will not accept it. But other women sell sex these days, if not at the price of gold then at some other price.

A sati is a chaste woman. Sati is a woman who has one husband. Through mind, body and speech other man does not attract her. One may not be a sati to begin with, but she too can become a sati, even if she has been corrupted by sex before, from the moment she makes a firm decision to be so.

Glossary :
Satyug   Time cycle of purity in thoughts, speech and actions; Time cycle of unity in mind, speech and actions; The first of the Four Ages, characterized by virtue, wisdom, happiness and morality, according to the Hindu Mythology

Reference :Book Name : Brahmacharya : Celibacy - Attained With Understanding (Page #84)

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