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What is experience of Self ?

Questioner: What happens during experience of the Soul?

Dadashri: The experience of the Self is the destruction of the belief, "I am the body." When the belief, "I am this body," goes, new karma cease to bind you. What more could you want?

Questioner: I want you to show me this path of Gnan. That is all.

Dadashri: Yes, I will show you this path. Not only will I show you this path, but also I will give you your 'Atma' (Soul) in your hands.

Questioner: Then the purpose of my human birth is fulfilled. What more can I ask for?

Dadashri : Yes, completely fulfilled. That which you cannot find through efforts of countless lifetimes, I will give you in just one hour. Then you will feel that you have achieved your goal as a human being. Otherwise you cannot achieve this even after effort of a thousand lifetimes.

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