Ways to Overcome Fear

Have you ever noticed that in any relationship, if you dislike someone, you start to see faults in them? This constant act of finding faults leads to one becoming scornful (tiraskar) towards that person. So whenever you come into contact with that individual you feel uneasy. This feeling of uneasiness coupled with intense dislike causes one to fear that individual. This implies that you become fearful of those you see faults in.

In reality the whole world is faultless. The other person is just instrumental in bringing forth your own karma. So if you think about it, if you stop seeing faults in others you yourself can become fearless.

Lord Krishna has said, “The path of the vitarag Lord is free of all fears; it is the path of liberation.” How beautifully Lord Krishna has put it!

Dada says that the,“Soul is endowed with resultant bliss! One himself is Soul, no one else can take its happiness away from him. One is free of all pain and suffering by nature. He has tremendous (powerful) grandeur (splendor)! How can any misery affect him?” Therefore if you realize your true blissful Self you can never be miserable.

Moreover you can recognize the root cause of fear and discover ways to overcome any type of fear by understanding the flawless vision of the Self-realized (Gnani). This insight alone will enable you to become peaceful and fearless.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. When you feel contempt for a person, you will also fear that person. The moment you see that person, you feel afraid.
  2. If before going to bed one becomes fearful of a ghost or a snake in the room, then he would not be able to sleep the entire night tormented by this fear. The fear will vanish as the day breaks and there is light in the room. Such is the worldly life too.
  3. Humans, however suffer from viprit (wrong) fear. Viprit means in a single situation of fear, one will see or imagine hundreds more. It is also viprit fear to see fear where there is none.
  4. Why do worries occur? One becomes involved (becomes one) with the thoughts that arise and that is why worries arise.
  5. No difficulty can come to you (your way). If the mind wavers, difficulty will embrace you! That is all, the law of the universe is just this.
  6. Intellect is good for the peace of mind but not for inciting fear. The intellect that induces fear is false intellect. It should be suppressed even before it sprouts.
  7. Generally people are inclined to instill fear in others and threaten them. Everybody has learnt how to donate fear. No one has learnt how to donate protection from fear.
  8. People have a subtle fear deep within of, "What will they say to me?" Then gradually they get into a habit of lying, to the point where they will tell lies even in the absence of fear.
  9. One has fear of losing happiness. On the contrary, you will become even happier and experience bliss once you are free of lalacha.
  10. What is the reason for fear? You consider yourself as temporary; Fear vanishes with the understanding - vision of 'I am the eternal Self'!
  11. One has never seen or realized the domain of the Self and therefore continues to exist in the domain of the non-Self. That is why there is perpetual existence of fear in the relative world.
  12. In the ignorant state (non-Self-realization state) if the fear of insult leaves, one becomes shameless and hurtful to others, whereas if the fear of insult leaves after one receives Gnan, one becomes completely independent.

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