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Conflict is a result of our past karmas

Questioner: But Dada, should we not have a constant intent to avoid conflicts?

Dadashri: Yes, that should always be there. That is what you have to do. You have to do pratikraman and also maintain a friendly spirit towards that person. If conflict occurs again, do pratikraman again. These conflicts recur because of the density of layers of a particular karma, and with each pratikraman, one layer is shed. In my case, whenever clash occurred, I made a mental note that I had gained something valuable because it helped me in my awareness. Conflicts keep you from slipping and keep you alert to your Self. Thus, conflicts are a vitamin for the Soul. Clash per se is not a problem. The key thing is to be aware not to get alienated from the other individual in a conflict. This is the essence of spiritual effort. If you start to see the other person as being at fault, or if you have serious differences of opinion with the other person, you should do pratikraman and put an end to it. How do I make adjustments with everyone? I get along with you, don't I? It is a fact that conflicts arise because of spoken words. I talk a lot, but do I get into clashes? Friction occurs. Kitchen utensils make noise when they bang into each other. It is the inherent quality of the pudgal to cause friction, but only if it has such an account. I too experienced many conflicts in the past, before Gnan. After this Gnan I have no conflicts. This Gnan is the experience. With this Gnan, I have settled all my past accounts. You still have to settle yours.

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