Adjust Everywhere : The Master Key to be Happy

One thing that is certain in life is change. Surprisingly, it's also something that people resist the most. This is the main reason why most of us are not living a happy life today. If change is permanent, then shouldn't we know how to accept or get adjusted to change? Well, the easiest way of doing so is to know how to adjust! Right from birth until death, one is subject to several adjustments. In fact, we all have experienced adjusting to disagreeable circumstances many times. For instance, you must have used an umbrella when it suddenly had started raining. In such a situation, the one who is making adjustments never questions, argues, or resist; right? Do you know why? This is because she or he knows that there is no point in doing so, as suffering will ultimately come to her or him at the end in case of objection.

However, this adjustment is not taken when it comes to dealing with disagreeable people. For example, you might start a fight when a front person refuses to do something that you desire. Similarly, you will openly oppose and abuse somebody if she or he speaks something that is wrong from your viewpoint. Well, these are some situations where we forget how to adjust, enter into conflict, and lose our inner peace, irrespective of whether we are right or wrong. So, what can be done? Should you accept all wrong things or tolerate? Should you keep quite when something does not happen as per your wish? Irrespective of what can be done, the desired focus is always on how to adjust or how to retain inner peace in these situations.

This is exactly where Param Pujya Dadashri reveals the master key of 'ADJUST EVERYWHERE' as the ultimate solution to cope up with constantly changing circumstances as well as people. This is certainly an everywhere applicable way to remain happy forever. This simple but very profoundly effective phrase has the power to change your life permanently! Read on to learn how!

Adjustments in Life

If you don't adjust in your life, adjust with people willingly then people will make you adjust forcingly. You have to take maximum adjustment with your spouse as you are with her for 24 hours.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. If you do not learn anything else in this worldly life it does not matter, but learning to adjust, is a necessity.
  2. You will sail through all difficulties in life if you adjust to anyone who fails to adjust with you. A person who knows how to adjust with others does not suffer. Adjust everywhere.
  3. Life is changing constantly. Therefore, one has to adjust to these changes.
  4. Adjustment with each and every person is the highest religion.
  5. You must make adjustments according to the times you live in.
  6. If you have learnt the art of adjustment, you have found the path to eternal bliss.
  7. The more your adjust, the more your energies will increase and your weaknesses will diminish.
  8. You can only adjust if you correct your mistakes.
  9. To live an ideal life is to adjust everywhere.
  10. Without understanding the art of worldly interaction, liberation is not possible for anyone. No amount of knowledge of the Soul alone will help because the world has to let you go.

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