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What is Egoism? How can one become free from Egoism?

Egoism is the Same in Everyone!

Our people do not know what egoism (ahamkar) is at all. What is considered egoism? Each and every living being (jivatma) possesses egoism. Where there is a consciousness of 'I am this body' (deha-dhyas), there is definitely egoism there.

Questioner: Some people's (egoism) hurts more.

Dadashri: No, egoism is the same everywhere. It is not a question of whether it hurts or not. Egoism is nothing else. The only part that is considered egoism is when one applies 'I-ness' to where one is not. To install 'I'-ness where it doesn't belong; is called egoism. To believe that 'I', is where 'I' is not; is egoism. And how many people would this include?

Questioner: Everyone.

Dadashri: Here, only the Gnanis (Self-realized; One who has realised the Self;) have remained free from this. Therefore, when it concerns egoism, it is not related to the worldly life (sansar) at all, but it is with one's alleged intent (aropit bhaav; the belief of 'I am Chandubhai*'). And this includes the entire world.

Questioner: Can you measure the amount of egoism?

Dadashri: No.

Questioner: Is it the same amount in everyone?

Dadashri: It is the same.

Questioner: Some people seem egoistic, while others appear humble.

Dadashri: That is not egoism. No other word can be associated with egoism. Egoism is the egoism; it is the alleged intent (aropit bhaav - the belief of 'I am Chandubhai*'). And if the alleged intent goes away, it will go away immediately. We remove your egoism. To believe the body to be the Soul (Atma) is egoism. Wherever this belief of 'I' arises, it is called egoism. Therefore, when all these ignorant beliefs are "fractured" (destroyed), egoism disappears.

*Chandulal  =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

Related Spiritual Quotes :
1) Egoism is not a thing. When you believe 'I am this…I am this…'; it is all egoism. 'I am Pure Soul' is the only egoless (nirahamkar) state.
2) 'I did this', this gives rise to egoism. 'This is mine', it gives rise to attachment (mamta).
3) Egoism (ahamkar) is harmful, the moment one realizes that then everything will become straightforward. Theahamkar is not worth protecting.
4) There are only two things in the world: feed the ego (ahamkar) or break the ego (ahamkar). One's ego (ahamkar) is either being fed or being destroyed; nothing else happens (in this world) apart from this two.
5) The ego (ahamkar) dies and the ego (ahamkar) lives, but people say that 'I died'. That which takes birth and dies is the ego, and the Soul is in the same place (is always intact). Even Pudgal (the atoms that were charged & which are being discharged in the form of mind, body, speech) is in the same place. The issue is only of the ego (ahamkar) in the middle.

Reference :Book Name: Aptavani 10 (U) (Page #352 - Paragraph #6 ,  Page #353 - Paragraph #1 to #11)

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