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How can I express myself?

You should not express your opinion first. Ask the other person what he thinks about the matter at hand. If the other person adheres to his viewpoint, then you should let go of your opinion. All you need to make sure of is that the other person does not get hurt in any way. Do not attempt to impose your opinion upon others. Accept the other person's viewpoint. I have accepted everyone's opinion and have become a Gnani. I never push my opinion on others. No one should be hurt by your opinion.

If your mental revolutions are at a speed of 1800 rpm and the other person's revolutions are at 600 and you try to force your opinion on that person, his engine will break down and all the gears will have to be replaced. The cause behind clashes is because you do not know how to employ a 'counter-pulley', to slow down your revolutions which results in arguments, clashes, fights and sometimes the whole engine may break. Removal of ego alone is not enough to make the other person understand you. A counter-pulley must also be used and adjust accordingly. That is, conversation among people will be meaningful only when you come to one's level of revolutions.

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