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I now know whose Mother died... I took Gnan two and a half years ago.  For eleven years up to that day I was deeply mourning my Mother's sudden death.  My Mother died abroad and I was not with her at the time.  The whole duration that she was on holiday I heard a voice in my head, continuously saying "you are not going to see your Mother again". ...
~ Rina, England.
I use to read the Bhagwad Gita around 3 to 4 times ... but never understood the meaning of it. I also took help of many saints, but I always had some doubts & some contradictions. When I saw Pujya Deepakbhai's Program for the first time, I felt something related to Bhagwad Gita & started watching his program daily. ...
~ Sachin Parmar, India.
I was always in search of something which makes me happy and stays with me. Something which would be profound, permanent and peaceful. I am a computer engineer working in Infosys, married to a caring husband. So for outsiders it looked like I was leading a perfect life but within I always felt something was missing. ...
~ Dipali, India.
As I took gnan, I was also subsequently studying dada's books, hearing to Pujya Deepakbhai and Pujya Niruma. I felt that all my knowlege of psychiatry and human psychology were peanuts as compared to the understanding that I received from them
~ Dr Mahesh P Tilwani, India.
Since last two years I was struggling in search of Self Realisation. When my grandfather attended the gnan vidhi programme for first time I was curious about it. He attended the Adalaj Gnan Vidhi Programme when we were in Mumbai. ...
~ Jhanvi Shah, Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

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