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Why should one donate to the poor?

Questioner: Should we give to the poor and needy or should we worship God for peace of mind?

Dadashri: If you want peace of mind, then you should give what is yours to others. Tomorrow buy a carton of ice cream, feed some people, and see how much joy you get from doing that. As such people do not care for ice cream on a cold, rainy day, but try it all the same for your peace of mind. Feed the birds and animals some grains and watch them jump with joy as they eat. You too, will feel joy within. These pigeons get excited even before you throw the grains! So when you give someone something that belongs to you, you will experience joy within. Say for example, someone is badly hurt and in order to stop the bleeding you have to tear your expensive shirt to use as a bandage, even then you will feel good inside.

Reference :Book Name: Noble Use of Money (Page #2 - Paragraph #2 - #4)

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