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What are the benefits of charity / donation?

Questioner: Why do people give to charity?

Dadashri: One gives because he wants something in return. A person gives happiness in order to receive happiness in return. People do not give for the purpose of liberation. When you give happiness to others, you will receive happiness. Whatever you give, you will get back. That is the rule. We receive by giving to others and we lose by taking away from others. 

Questioner: When there is no connection between charity and the Soul, is it then necessary to give charity?

Dadashri: Charity means to give and then receive. This world is in the form of an echo. There will be echoes of whatever you do and it will return to you with interest. Therefore if you give, you will receive. In this life you are reaping the benefits of whatever you gave towards a good cause in your past life. If you do not do the same in this life, it will all be wasted. What happens if you use up all the wheat you harvest and do not sow anymore?

That is precisely how everything is. Give to charity. It will create an echo, which will return to you amplified. It is because you gave in your past life, that you are able to come to America, to a better life. Otherwise do you think it is easy to come to America? It is because you have a lot of merit karmas that you are even able to fly in a plane. There are a lot of people who have never even seen a plane!

Related Science :
1) Are you able to take your money with you when you die?Whatever you spend for others is yours. That balance will be at hand for you in your next life. So, if you want a balance for your next life, you should spend your money for others in this life.
2) The reward one receives is based on what he 'paints on the inner screen' (inner intent). The importance is being placed on the inner intent (bhaav, cause) and not on the action (effect) of giving. This is the science of the Vitarag Lords.
3) When a person gives charity or does any other good deeds, his internal belief of, "I am giving charity," it attracts atoms of merit karma and while doing bad deeds, atoms of demeritkarma are pulled to the self. When these karmas discharge as an effect, they will either bring happiness or misery.

Glossary :
Karma: The cycle of cause and effect life after life; To support the action with the belief 'I am the doer' is called binding the karma.

Reference :Book Name: Noble Use of Money (Page #1 - Paragraph #1)

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