The Real definition of Pure Love

The word love has been misused to such an extent, that every step of the way we question its meaning. If this were real love, then how can it be like this? Where can one find love? What is real love?

Only the Gnani (The Enlightened One) who is the embodiment of love can give us the real definition of love. Real love does not increase or decrease.It does not overflow when someone offers praise nor does it turn hostile towards the one who insults.It is this love that sees the world as flawless. This love makes you experience the Lord in human form.

There is no real love in the external world. What the world calls love is nothing but infatuation and attraction. Real love resides within and near the one who has known the Self in all its splendor and glory. This love is God and God is love. Read on to explore 'Pure Love' .....

True Definition of Love

Real love never increases or decreases, always without any expectations and without the hope of return from anybody.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Whenever there is a presence of the Lord or a Gnani Purush in this world, people witness real love. That love will not increase or decrease. It is love without attachment. It is the love of the Gnani. The Gnani's love is parmatma (absolute Self). Real love is parmatma; nothing else is parmatma.
  2. Real love begins the moment one begins to understand one's Real Self (the Soul).
  3. The nature of the Self is love and with such a love, one forgets all one's problems. Once bound through this love, nothing else can bind you.
  4. Real love arises only when the ego and attachment are gone. Real love is something that is born out of absolute nonattachment (vitaragata).
  5. Pure love, real love exists where there is no selfishness; where there are no feelings of 'yours-mine'. Wherever there is a feeling of' 'yours-mine', there is definitely selfishness as well as ignorance of the Self.
  6. The love between a real guru and the disciple is such that the disciple absorbs everything the guru says.
  7. Where there is real love, there is no limitation, or separation. It is boundless.
  8. When you see faults in them, you cannot love them. So when you see the world as faultless, that is when pure love will arise.
  9. Real love should not break under any circumstances. So it can only be called love if it never breaks. That is the test of love.
  10. Human nature is such that wherever there is too much worldly love it turns into dislike and abhorrence.

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