Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is a holy scripture, which is a narrative of the incident where Lord Krishna unveiled the ultimate science of the universe to... Read More

Knowing God

We are all in search of God. And ultimately, your quest of ‘Knowing God’ has brought you here! But where is God? Is He an all-knowing entity who... Read More

What is Karma? : The Science of Karma

What is karma? Can good karma neutralise bad karma? Why do the good people suffer? When do karmas stop occurring?  As long as you are binding... Read More

Who am I? : Realize your true self!

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What is my true identity?’ Am I a father, a husband, a friend, an engineer, a passenger or a patient? The truth is... Read More

The Real definition of Pure Love

The word love has been misused to such an extent, that every step of the way we question its meaning. If this were real love, then how can it be like... Read More

Purpose and Benefits of Meditation and Yoga

Any focused mental activity is mano-yoga (meditation). But it has no benefit if it is done without a goal (dhyey) in mind. When you go to a train... Read More

What is Ego (Egoism)?

Ego is not to be removed; egoism (ahamkar) is to be removed. Ego means I - referred to as existence: 'I am' (astitva). To say 'I am', for what is... Read More

Pratikraman : Asking for forgiveness with repentance

Many of us have faithfully adhered to religious rituals. We have surrendered ourselves to strict penance, fasting, meditation, and other such... Read More

Ways to Overcome Fear

Have you ever noticed that in any relationship, if you dislike someone, you start to see faults in them? This constant act of finding faults leads to... Read More

Science of Death: Soul and Reincarnation

What is death? What is happening in the dying process? What happens after death? Who can talk about the experience of death? The dead cannot speak of... Read More

Spiritual Science of Speech : True Nature of Speech

Have you ever thought how this speech is spoken? When you pluck a string on a sitar, how many different sounds does it produce? Many. In the same... Read More

Science of Mind

Many spiritual followers in search of the path to liberation are under the misconception that the mind is the enemy and that it must be destroyed in... Read More

Practice Celibacy / Brahmacharya with Scientific Understanding

What is Celibacy? Why celibacy is important? How to be free from sexual attraction? This book is a compilation of discourses of Gnani Purush... Read More

9 Kalams for Spiritual Development : The Essence of Religion

Why despite being so deeply involved in religion and religious practices, our behavior does not reflect it? Are you not frustrated and confused by... Read More

Absolute Vision of The Enlightened One

"One binds karma by seeing faults in others and becomes free from his karma by seeing his own  faults" is the principle of karma. It is the... Read More

Auspicious Mantra/Prayer : to remove all wordly obstacles

Param Pujya Dadashri explains the fundamental meaning of Trimantra in this book. Tri-Mantra is a mantra or prayer with the power to subdue all... Read More

Non violence (Ahimsa) and Spiritual Awareness

Ahimsa  (Non violence) is to maintain the awareness of not hurting any living being, even to the slightest degree, through one's mind, speech and... Read More

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