How to Stop Worrying : Become free from Worries & Stress

What is worry? Why do worries occur? What is the result of worries? How to stop worrying? The exact understanding is provided here in the form of... Read More

Anger Management: How to Control Anger?

Anger is a weakness but people think of it as a strength. In reality, the person who does not display anger has more inner strength than the one who... Read More

Suicide Prevention

What causes a person to become so depressed that they want to commit suicide? How do we help someone who is going through depression? How can... Read More


Have you ever seen a racecourse? What happens over there? Each horse in the race competes with the rest to reach the target line. While running, each... Read More

Positive Thinking

Life is always in constant flux and there is so much joy complemented by agony. There will always be great happiness followed by tremendous suffering... Read More

Ethics in Business : How to deal with money

The final scerets of "How to deal with money" and "Ethics in Business" are exposed by Spiritual master Dadashri. Ideal key interactions on How to... Read More

Suspicion and Fear

When people read news about negative incidents in the newspaper, they start to fear whether they would have to face the same danger or even if they... Read More

How can Yoga and Meditation help in Self Realization ?

Chanting mantras, yoga, meditation, chakra meditation, fasting, penance, meditating upon a light, concentrating on breath, kundalini yoga are all... Read More

Live in the Present

A day has 24 hours and 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds. So, can you tell for how many minutes or seconds you had stayed in present today? Okay, can... Read More

Honesty and Purity

Many people believe happiness is found in wealth, but many wealthy people’s lives are filled with restlessness and they are constantly under a great... Read More

Who is at fault? Why do I suffer?

Whenever we have to endure suffering when there is no apparent fault on our part, we feel hurt and we repeatedly question where am I wrong?  Who is... Read More

Is God just? Why injustice?

How is it that sometimes the innocent man ends up in jail and the guilty man is set free? Where is the justice? The men of principle suffer while... Read More

How to practice celibacy / brahmacharya?

There are two things in the world that one should not waste. One is money and other is semen. One should practice celbacy/bramacharya as much as... Read More

How to Tackle the Mind?

When it comes to the mind, we all have the same goal in mind – that is - ‘How can I still my mind?’ For that, most of us study and practice mind... Read More

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