Live A Happy Married Life by Resolving Conflicts in Marriage

Why do people get married? They do so because they are in search of life-long companionship, through which they can fill their life... Read More

Positive Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship

When it comes to family life, everyone strives to figure out how the relationship between parents and children can become ideal. Positive parenting... Read More

Learn Conflict Management in Life

A human being looks for happiness in the worldly life and everything he does is with the intent to be happy. So why have conflicts taken such a... Read More

Pratikraman : Solutions to relationship problems

Repentance is a tool that has the power to wash away the mistakes that are committed in life. However, it is extremely important to know how to... Read More

Avoid Clashes : for a conflict free life

In this world, no two human minds are same. The difference exists in the form of viewpoints, beliefs, and thinking patterns. So, even here, the... Read More

How to Control Anger for Solving Relationship Problems

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan gives a unique insight on how to deal with anger in relationships. He says, “When a machine gets too hot, you must leave it... Read More

Solution to Relationship Problems: Stop Watching Faults

Nowadays, problems in relationships persist almost everywhere, mainly due to the inability to understand and accept the front person as she or he is!... Read More

Adjust Everywhere : The Master Key to be Happy

One thing that is certain in life is change. Surprisingly, it's also something that people resist the most. This is the main reason why most of us... Read More

True Love In Relationship

When you love somebody, then why do you clash with them? Because you are filled with expectations, demands, attachment, possessiveness, jealousy and... Read More

Life and Death: Dealing with Death Blissfully!

Birth and death are two realities of life, and create different emotional reactions. While birth is celebrated, death is mourned. When a loved one... Read More

Impact of Words in Relationship : Avoid Hurtful Words

Spirituality has never entered into the worldly life.The two have been kept separate. Here, Akram Vignan has placed spirituality into the very core... Read More

Guru Shishya : Guru Disciple Relationship

The worldly life is of father-son, mother-son or daughter, wife-husband, etc., relationships. Also to be found in the worldly life is the delicate... Read More

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