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Scientific Solutions

Life offer us a variety of surprises! Both pleasant and unpleasant! Besides surprises, many questions posed by life remain unresolved. This surprises / questions could be regarding relationships (with family / friends /colleagues), one's internal turmoil - Self Help(anger, worries, pride etc), Humanity (matters concerning humanity etc.) and Spiritual Science (who am I? Is the soul separate from body? etc.).

Get solutions/answers to all your issues/questions in satsangs (talks in question-answer format) with Atmagnani, Pujya Deepakbhai.

Subsequent to gaining a fair insight of this science during satsangs, we would recommend you to attend 'Gnan Vidhi' (a two hour scientific process of self-realization). It is the foundation to understand spiritual science.

*Gnan Vidhi : It is 2 hour self realization process. After this realizing the Soul or Self understanding Akram Vignan becomes easier. It is highly recommended to attend it.

Gnan Vidhi satsang schedule Satsang schedule
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